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how do people feel after a Reiki treatment


"My session with Linda was truly relaxing and insightful.  Linda has a comfortable and caring presence, which helped me  feel truly cared for during the session.  Right away, Linda picked up on the blockages the I knew existed with me. With her treatment, I was able to ease the impact these blockages have and even dissolve a few of them.  I highly recommend her for Reiki."  M.F.

"Thank you for the deeply healing session."  R.G.

"It was like yoga without having to move."  H.E.

"Thank you so much. You have opened up a whole new world for me.  You are such a powerful healer! "  R.F.

"You are one of the most powerful energy healers that I have ever met!!"  D.P.

"I know from many long distance treatments she is truly gifted." M.B.

"This distance Reiki session makes me feel more balanced."  L.Y.

"I've never had Reiki like this before!"   M.I.

"I feel so much lighter!  Everything you said was spot on.  Thank you for inspiring me to learn Reiki.  It is such a great tool of healing."  J.C.

"I feel lighter.  You are a delight!"  M.B.

"Wow, that was amazing!"  L.P.

DISTANCE REIKI: "Thanks so much for our session and your message. Sometimes it's wild the little things you accurately pick up on!"   J.H.

"Hi Linda, I need to thank you for last week's sessions.  So never doubt your gift.  You are our ER (EMERGENCY REIKI) specialist.  Thank you."  M.B.

"Some days this is my only relief.  Linda has helped me so much and I am so grateful that she does distant Reiki so that I can enjoy it from the comfort of my home.  Linda is amazing!"  L.B.

"The Reiki treatment worked at shedding my levels of anxiety.  Thank you for helping me.  Thank God for you!!"  J.B.

"I feel 110% lighter.  Thank you."  J.C.

"Thank God I found you.  I feel so much better and have hope now."  E.M.

"I just had to tell you that my leg is 95% better.  I am blessed to have you and your healing powers in my life."  M.B.

"I feel 100% better after the Reiki treatment.  I slept well and my pain is gone. Your energy is great! Your Reiki is the best!"  K.M.

"You have great energy!"  J.C.

"Thank you so much.  You are the best!"  M.T.

"I enjoyed my first Reiki experience very much with Linda and am planning on seeing her again soon.  I highly recommend."  D.D.

"Wonderful person, she's very warm excited bedside manner.  She takes time with you and listens to all of your worries and targets those areas.  Everytime I leave I always feel like a lot of stress and heaviness has been released.  Love going to see Linda and I would recommend anyone to go and see her, she's great."  M.J.

"When people ask me how I manage my stress, I tell them that I see Linda for Reiki."  V.C.

"Thank you for saving my life..again."  L.B.

"Thank you again for our sessions a couple of weeks back. I think they are helping facilitate an upcoming release/clearing that has been impending for many years."  J.H.

"My back feels so much better.  I can walk again.  Keep doing what you are doing."  M.B.

"Thank you very much for all your support getting me through 2023 and into 2024.  I hope the upcoming year brings the peace, joy and health as you help facilitate energetically for me and I'm certain many others!"  J.H.

"Thanks for the reiki yesterday!  I'm a lot happier and more energetic today."  L.Y.

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