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Receiving a Reiki Treatment



Reiki sessions are totally non-invasive treatments 

that  are performed with the patient totally clothed.  

Only eyeglasses and shoes need to be removed.

The patient is either sitting in a chair or lying down

while soothing Reiki music is played throughout the

session.  I use crystals during the treatment to 

remove any blockages that are detected.  My hands

are placed above the body during the session. The

only touching that occurs involves the lower legs and

feet for grounding purposes. A Reiki treatment is very '

relaxing and many people find that they have a very 

restful sleep that evening.

For new clients I offer Zoom intake consultations so 

that we can meet each other and discuss your needs 

before the treatment begins.


Reiki Treatment

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Reiki Distance Healing Symbol



My distance Reiki treatments utilize the distance Reiki symbol and a teddy bear as the focal point for the healing energy. Weekly distance Reiki treatments are extremely helpful in maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health.  Distance Reiki treatments are on a sliding scale of $30 -$50. I accept PayPal and Venmo.


This is how I feel after giving a Reiki treatment and you can feel this way too.

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